Work Experience

Central Florida Telecom, LLC

2010 - Present, Operations Manager

Central Florida Telecom is a leading VoIP provider in the Orlando, Florida area. We provide business class phone systems for small, medium and large-sized companies in locations are far away as Scotland and the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service at a competitive price.

In my role as Operations Manager at CFT, I oversee how the company provides goods and/or services. My primary responsibility is to ensure that the organization runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible and that we provide the goods and services that our customers need to take the maximum advantage of their communications systems.

More specifically, I do the following:
Networking Functions

  • Assist sales department in preparation of quotes to procure new business
  • Work on ways to automate processes in order to make the company more efficient
  • Manage our Exchange Server 2010 infrastructure for the company and customers
  • Assist in troubleshooting VoIP issues
  • Support customer web sites by developing interactive SQL Server databases with
  • Ensuring that we have sufficient inventory for upcoming installations
  • Provide support for customer networks, servers, and Internet connections
  • Interfacing with vendors to ensure that our customers have the resources they need
  • Manage our customer backup services
  • Design and install wired/wireless networks
  • Design, install and manage IP-based video camera systems

Programming Functions

  • Designed, implemented and maintain company website
  • Provide support to the billing department by writing programs/reports
  • Developed a custom CRM system to help company personnel track, support and bill customers
  • Develop special applications to help monitor services and alert support department when there are issues
  • Interface with customers to determin their needs and develop custom applications/scripts to meet those needs

Stetson University

2001 - 2012, Technology Coordinator

Stetson University was founded in 1883 by Henry A. DeLand as the DeLand Academy and later renamed Stetson University to honor its benefactor, John B. Stetson. The are two main campuses in DeLand and Gulfport, Florida. Two satellite locations operate in Tampa and Celebration, Florida.

I worked at Stetson in two different capacities. From 2001 - 2009 I functioned as an adjuct professor teaching non-credit MCSE, A+, Net+ and programming classes. I also worked with Stetson staff and faculty to develop and deliver classes for the Vetern's Administration. In 2009 after being recruited by the Vice President of the Celebration Center, I took a full-time position as the center's Technology Coordinator in addition to my teaching position.

In this position I was responsible for all the technology at the center. I managed, supported, and made recommendations for all technology-related hardware & software. I also prepared budget recommendations for the Vice President. I interfaced with professors, faculty, and building tenants and coordinated their requirements with the resources available at the center. I helped managed a large Active Directory network and took care of student requirements for Internet, network and Blackboard access.

I also oversaw several interns and subordinate employees and coordinated the setup and preparation of classrooms.

Here is a brief list of job duties:
Networking Functions

  • Developed material to be used for Blackboard courses
  • Managed TCP/IP network and troubleshoot DHCP, DNS, Cisco Call Manager
  • Worked with professors and room-renters in the setup and configuration of classrooms
  • Managed Exchange 2007 & 2010 servers
  • Created and delivered classes for MCSE, Net+, A+
  • Created budget projections and requirements for all technology at the center
  • Performed hardware/software updates for faculty and classrooms
  • Provided support for Microsoft Operating Systems and general office applications
  • Managed firewall and routers as well as VPN connection to main campus
  • Interfaced with T1, wireless and cable providers to ensure telephony and Internet connectivity at all times
  • Was on call 24/7 for any center-related issues
  • Configured faculty, staff, and student iPhone and Android devices
  • Assisted students and professors in configuring laptops

Programming Functions

  • Assist in maintain Celebration portion of company web site
  • Programmed custom solutions for customers as needed
  • Developed inventory/trouble-ticket system for Celebration campus
  • Developed and taught programming classes

Air Florida Helicopter Charters, Inc.

2010 - 2012, Tour Pilot

Air Florida Helicopters is Orlando's oldest and most respected helicopter tour company. I worked there on a part-time/full- time basis as an R44 helicopter tour pilot. My daily functions were to fly customers on tours originating on International drive to anywhere within range of our helicopters. I assisted the chief pilot and mechanics in maintenance of our fleet as well as other non-flying administrative duties. Performed checkouts in new helicopters as well as provided bi-annual flight reviews for pilots.

Orlando Helicopter Training

2006 - 2008, Flight Instructor

OHT is where I received all my airplane and helicopter flight training. After learning how to fly and gathering experience working as a flight instructor in Lakeland I returned "home" to Orlando and started working as a part-time flight instructor. Performed photo/tour flights for customers as needed. Provided flight instruction and ground school instruction to Private, Commercial and Flight Instructor pilot candidates. Performed maintenance flights on helicopters after they were repaired by our in-house maintenance department

Metro/Sky 13 News

2008 - 2009, Fill-in Pilot

Located at the Orlando Executive Airport in downtown Orlando Sky 13 is an ENG (Electronic News Gathering) Robinson R44 helicopter. During weekends, vacations and off time for the regular pilot I acted as a backup pilot. My primary duties were to fly the helicopter to the scene, setup a hover or loiter while the engineer in the back of the helicopter gathered the required footage and sent it back to the studio. This sometimes required flying for up to tweleve hours in a single day.

Lakeland Helicopters

2008 - 2009, Flight Instructor/Tour Pilot

Provided flight instruction and ground school instruction to Private, Commercial and Flight Instructor pilot candidates. Developed courseware and procedures to be used in the training of pilots. Performed photo/tour flights for customers as needed. Gave rides during airport sponsored events such as the annual Sun-n-Fun fly-in. Assisted mechanics in the maintenance of our Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters. Evaluated students for prepardness for FAA checkrides and signoffs.

Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers

2005 - 2009 Network Administrator

I was the primary support for several departments in the corporate office as well as sole support administrator for the Tampa and Fort Myers branch offices. I provided day-to-day OS, network, application, Exchange, and hardware support for several departments. I also managed the company backup system (Backup Exec) and helped develop the company website. Assisted the other network administrators in managing our large distributed Active Directory network and created the multi-site AD network plan. Assisted in maintaining our Asterisk-based VoIP phone system. Managed and configured the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) and smartphone devices. Developed applications to use on Toughbook laptops to enable fire sprinkler inspectors to fill out inspection reports in the field and have the automatically e-mailed back to the inspection department administrative assistant.

Slew the Odds, Inc

2001 - 2013, Programmer

Created custom horse race handicapping software and automated the process of creating handicapping reports and uploading them to their websites. This was a complicated, very involved process that involved over 100,000 lines of custom written Visual Basic Pro and applications. The process involved downloading CSV files from a web site, processing them through a specialized program and then outputting the data as HTML/ASP files which were then uploaded to a subscription-based web site. I interfaced with the company handicappers to create the algorithms and processes which I then automated. This reduced the time from eight hours a day to less then one hour per day. The web site has over 1,000 subscribers and is still in operation at