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Below are some of the projects that I've worked on over the past years. If you are curious about any of the projects please contact me by using the form on the Contact page.

Programming Projects

This is a programming system that I worked on for approximately thirteen years in conjuction with the handicappers at There are over one hundred thousand lines of code that make up over a dozen programs and utilities. FCR runs a web site where they charge customers a monthly subscription fee. The system that I created downloads files from the Daily Racing Form's web site. These are large CSV files that contain all the statistics for a particular track for a specific day. There are over a thousand fields for each horse.

On most days there are ten to a maximum of forty tracks running ten to fifteen races each. The programs take the raw data, process it according to algorithms provided by the handicappers and output the data as ASPX/HTML. The system then uses a series of other batch files and programs to format the data, convert it to PDF, generate an index page that dynamically updates the list of reports and tracks available for that day. Finally, the data is then uploaded to the web site where it is made available for the subscribers.

By automating the process I have managed to cut what used to be an eight hour daily process to approximately one hour. The reports are more consistant and have uniformed appearance.


This is a Windows Forms application written in that retrieves e-mail addresses from a SQL Server 2008 database and then e-mails users a newletter, HTML formatted e-mail or other document. This application is used by various organizations to send out unsolicited e-mail. The application corresponds and follows the CAN-SPAM act of 2003 ensuring compliance with current regulations on the sending of unsolicited e-mail.

FOP (Flash Operator Panel)

Of course, working at a telecommunications company would lead me to develop utilities to use in-house for diagnostic and logging purposes. One of those utilities is a combination of a web-base/WinForm program. This program works with a MySQL database housed on our PortaOne softswitch. It continually updates the status of several hundred extensions and allows us to see at a glance which customers are on the phone. It displays customers that are on the phone in red and also lets our monitoring staff known if the call is an incoming or outgoing call, the number that called or was called and the duration of the call.

Website Projects

Central Florida Telecom, LLC web site. This is a web site that I created from scratch. It provides information for potential CFT customers and informs them about our products and services. Technologies used on this site include:

  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Patterned after the open-source vTiger CRM, this system allows Central Florida Telecom, along with other commercial customers to keep track of customer information. It manages accounts, customer, invoice, trouble-ticket, marketing campaign and has custom modules that assists our sales department in tracking leads and generating quotes. It also has a full login authentication system that uses SQL Server as its backend. There are over eighty SQL tables along with stored procedures and triggers that help keep the system running smoothly. There is also a security system that tracks and audits user activities and allows administrator to restrict information access.

I've also recently added the ability to monitor phone calls and network equipment and have built a dashboard that allows technical staff to see an overview of the network and customers at a glance.

Custom Linen Solutions

This is a site that we designed and built for a local hospital supply company a couple of years ago. It is written entirely in HTML/CSS with some It is a very clean design and has a wonderfully simple to navigate structure.

Memorial Cards

This is a web site for a company that designs, creates and prints custom memorial cards and other printed material for funerals. We created a wizard-based interface that allows the customer to customize their memorial card prior to placing the order. They can choose among the dozens of different designs, prayers and layouts. Once the customer is satisfied with their cards they place and order, the company prints the orders and they are mailed out within 24-48 hours.

Norbridge Properties

Norbridge Properties is a property management company that specializes in building, managing and developing commercial properties. The web site is the first commercial project that I created several years ago. It was built entirely by hand using HTML and CSS along with traditional ASP. I also created a management backend so that the office staff can modify the building details as needed. Potential purchasers or renters can view information about each property and in some cases take a virtual tour of the property.

Celebration Rotary

Approximately three years ago the Rotary Club of Celebration came to me and asked me to design, implement and build a web site that would allow them to showcase their members and attract new members to join the Rotary. Their web site has a management back end that allows them to upload and manage the photos, events and members that appear on the web site. The site dynamically updates based on the calendar of events that the rotary members update. There is a little bit of JQuery on the site as well as SQL server databases and lots of HTML/CSS and AJAX thrown in for good measure.

Disney Orlando Homes

Elaine Westlake, one of the sweetest Brits that I've ever met, had me design her website in 2009. Her previous web site was a mess and needed a lot of TLC. I came up with a design (which has been modified several times since then) and created her an easy to use website that allows visitors to view details about the dozen vacation properties that she manages in the Orlando/Kissimmee area. Visitors to the site can search for specific properties or browse the available properties based on certain criteria. I also built her a back end management site so that she can modify the homes and manage the details about each home. There is a lot of HTML/CSS a little bit of AJAX and JQuery as well as SQL Server built into this site.

Florida Ear and Balance Center

James S. Atkins, Jr., M.D. is board-certified in neurotology and otolarynglogy (ear, nose, and throat), with a specialized trainning in disorders of the inner ear. Dr. Atkins is nationally recognized as one of the top surgeons in Central Florida. Our audiologists are all doctoral level practioners. The audiologists, physical therapists, and Dr. Atkins work together to evaluate your health care needs and to determine what treatment will best fit your needs. I adpated a Free CSS template and as a courtesy to FEBC created this website for them. It isn't anything fancy but at does provide some great information about the type of work they do.

AJ's Balloons

This site was created for my younger son Alex. It details his accomplishments as a balloon artist. For the past several years Alex has been working at various venues in the Central Florida area where he makes balloon animals and other art made out of balloons. On most weekends you can find him at Jersey Mikes, Bob Evans and other private parties twisting for tips! This is a clean, simple site that conveys his skills as a balloon artist.

Brantley Balloons

Several years ago I approached by a teacher at Lake Brantley High-School in Altamonte Springs, Florida. She wanted a simple web site that would allow students, parents and others the ability to purchase helium-filled ballons and have them delivered to students during school hours. Using a Free CSS template that I adapted I created a shopping cart system and inventory/order control system that allows visitors order ballons, check out by making a credit card payment and forward the order to students that fill the order and deliver it to the student.

The site has been in operation for over four years and has allowed the Sunshine Club to raise tens of thousands of dollars for charitable causes in the Altamonte Springs area. I'm proud to help them towards this worthy cause.


A Craiglist/Backpage like web site for classified ads. Along with my son Adrian, we created a classified ad web site that allows users to place free advertisments. This was a year-long project during which time we created a login/authentication system that allows users to register and manage their accounts and ads. Visitors to the site can also place "Premium" ads which require payment. Through a custom interface they can enter their credit card billing information and purchase credits on the site. The system also has a management backend that e-mails customers when they have placed or modified ads, when their ads expire or if there is some other administrative task that needs their attention. Visit the site at

The Ultimate Sugar Free Dessert Guide

TUSFDG is a site dedicated to helping those with Diabetes or any other condition that prevents them or severly restricts a person's intake of sugar. The site has over tweleve thousand listings of establishments across the United States that offer no-sugar, reduced sugar and no sugar added desserts and food products. Simply pick a state/city or type of establishment and you will be presented with an ever-growing list of restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets and other establishments that can satisfy even the most picky sweet tooth.

Hardware Projects

APRS Vehicle Tracker

Ever since I received my FCC Technician Class radio operator's permit back in 1991, I've been interested in wireless data communications. One of my first projects was to build an amateur radio APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) tracker that consisted of a 2-meter VHF FM radio transceiver along with a APRS GPS position encoder and GPS. The TNC (which I built from a kit) connected to the GPS once every thirty seconds. If the position had changed significantly enough the TNC would key the radio and transmit the GPS coordinates to a series of FM repeaters located through the area. These repeaters, or digi-peaters as they are known as, relay your position information through the Internet or other radio links. This information is then uploaded to a central web server and can then be viewed by anyone with an Internet connection. There is an open web site that collects and display position information from amateur radio operators around the world. Check out for more information and type in your city to see any operators in your area.

Arduino-based Tracker

One of the major issues with the APRS-based trackers is that you have to have an FCC license in order to use one. Also since the FCC designates the frequencies that this equipment runs on as belonging to the Amateur Radio Service it is illegal to use these frequencies for commercial purposes.

In order to provide a tracking service to non-radio license holders I am currently developing a system that uses an Arduino Mega processor along with a 3G/WiFi connected device that provides the same services as the APRS-based trackers mentioned above. When complete the Arduino version will relay your position information, along with altitude, heading, speed and other telemetry data to a central server where any one with a subscription will be able to view a vehicles position. This information is overlayed on a Google Map. Check out my blogs and construction/programming articles at

Networking Projects


I was the lead designer on this project for a large vacation property in the Kissimmee area. My team and I designed and installed a reliable wireless solution to be used by the guests of the resort. This encompassed over a dozen access points along with wireless relay links to enable communications between buildings. The system has been in production for a little over a year and allows the resort's guests to have unimpeaded access to the Internet. We also installed a ninety+ extension VoIP system for the office and condos.

Old Town Fiber Network

Old Town is a 1950s style theme park located in Kissimmee Florida. They have over 75+ shops, restaurants and amusement rides as well as hosting special events. The web site is Old Town.

In 2011 they approached Central Florida Telecom with a need to link their corporate office (which is contained in one of buildings on site) to their ticket booths. The PCs in the ticket booth run a POS (point of sale) application that needs constant connectivity with the server located in their office.

My team and I designed and installed a fiber-optic network to link the entire campus from the office to the ticket booths and the maintenance office. This network has been expanded several times since the installation to include more locations as well as the installation of a campus wide VoIP phone system (serviced by Central Florida Telecom), video cameras and in 2014 Internet and phone service for the tenants as well. The network has run with virtually zero downtime since installation.